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Tips to Prepare Food for Your Loved One

Nourishment, MORE THAN a unimportant filling for the stomach, can likewise delight the spirit, fuel the body, and advance great wellbeing. The perfect sustenance for actuating energy is light, damp, sweet, effortlessly processed, and enzymatically dynamic. Wet nourishments loan their yin to sexual liquids. Yang originates from their proteins the start of life-and from their seed-imitating capacities. Actually sweet nourishments, for example, leafy foods, give vitality and stamina.

The presentation of nourishment is an open door for cherishing articulations of innovativeness. Make your nourishment a mandala of adoration, commending the fabulous structures and shades of nature! Serve courses on a bed of bright greens, ground carrots, or cabbage. Design with beautiful embellishments: attempt cucumber cuts, radish roses, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower buds, carrot twists, grows, avocados scooped out with a melon bailer, buckwheat lettuce, sunflower greens, lemon cuts, watercress, almonds, cleaved nuts, olives, slashed red pepper, coconut, stuffed celery, berries, cuts of citrus, pomegranate seeds, or star organic product cuts. Stick a little heap of green beans or asparagus skewers in the round of a red pepper.

Sprinkle food with paprika or cinnamon. You can create beautiful designs by placing a lace paper doily or large maple leaf on top of a dish, then sprinkling your colorful powdered seasoning all around it. When you carefully remove the doily or leaf, you’ll have a stunning ornament! Use fresh herbs from your garden (basil, chives, cilantro, dill, fennel, oregano, mint, parsley, or rosemary). Add crunch and color with sesame, sunflower, chia, or poppy seeds. Use nuts, dried fruit, or edible flowers to make designs. Use pretty molds shaped like hearts or butterflies for cakes and pates. Set the table with beautiful serving ware. Decorate with edible flowers to cause your chakras to vibrate!

Prepare food with loving intention. Play beautiful music or positive self-help tapes while doing food prep. Remember food magic: When preparing food for you and your beloved, take turns putting a slice or spoonful into each person’s bowl. Energetically, you will be sharing of the same fruit.

Burn a red candle (hemp, beeswax, or soy candles are safer than paraffin) in the kitchen while preparing food for sexual vitality. Green can be used to call in love or health. Bless your food and give thanks.